Monday, February 21

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Rohdinkuja, 12:21


I spend almost all the day writing and get over 3,000 words completed: most of them the ones I wanted. By the time I stopped I felt as though I had achieved what I intended. If I manage to keep this up for another three weeks I will have a book on my hands, and enough time to go through it and revise it thoroughly.

At several points I have to get up and stop for a few minutes as my brain loses its grip. On one of these occasions I step outside and look up and down the road. I look down at the mass of tyre prints, paw prints, pebbles and more. It looks different every time I look down.

When I return to the house to continue writing I will learn that we should expect a major snowstorm in the evening.

In the evening I will see this for myself. We will have the hardest snowfall I have seen for several years and it will indeed continue from early evening until sometime after we have gone to bed.