Saturday, February 19

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Lidl, Söderkulla, 15:54


We decided that we should leave the house and then decided that Söderkulla might do the trick. We set off for Lidl.

In our experience Lidl seems the most adventurous of the major supermarket chains in Finland, or at least the one most willing to experiment. I notice that they have introduced customisable muesli. You buy bags of the four basic mixes, labelled A, B, C and D, and then mix them with one of the five different bags of toppings. You can end up with the ingredients you want in the proportions you desire.

I look at the shelves and wonder about who exactly will leap at the chance to do this. For one thing you will need pretty big jars if you are going to take it seriously, and treat muesli making the way others treat cocktail making.

A few minutes later I spy this chocolate and realise that the shop contains more radical foodstuffs than muesli. Bacon and smoked pepper chocolate bars: who would have imagined! I send a photo to Jutta who tells me to seek out the wasabi or chilli and lime potato chips. I look but can’t find them.

On the way home we will kick ourselves for not actually buying any of the chocolate.