Monday, February 14

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Rohdinkuja, 15:47


We got up. We had breakfast. We sat down to work. Irma had meetings and I began writing again. I managed 2,000 words although not necessarily the right 2,000 words and almost certainly not in the right order.

I had become concerned that the structure I had created hindered rather than helped. The book had three parts and each part had three chapters. Each chapter had three sections and each chapter made three points. I decided that this had one layer too many. I i abolished the parts and split each chapter into three.

I ended up with 27 chapters each making three points. The argument remains the same but the format gains an important flexibility. I can always recombine them later if I want to…

In the afternoon I take a break and go outside to do some physical snow work and/or catch a head cold. I clear part of the drive, talk with a couple of neighbours, and walk carefully to the end of the road and back.