Wednesday, February 9

YEAR:  2022 | Tags:  | | | |

K.S. Road, 13:11


This morning I gave Farhan his official DGD laptop, which I had updated thoroughly yesterday. It had taken literally all night, but by breakfast the operating system had the newest components in town.

We sat for a couple of hours in Vishak while I talked him through the laptop; Scratch the application; the pre-made projects, and the pdf guides to the club projects. We then made sure we could contact each other on Signal, WhatsApp, Zoom and email. We tested all of them while we sat next to each other in the same room until we felt certain that we had indeed made contact.

Now I take one last look around Vishak and give Farhan the keys to give to his father. The next time I come I will stay somewhere nearer the beach, where passing traffic hardly exists and the loudest sounds come from the crows. We both loved Vishak but came to realise that we simply could not live there, and made the difficult decision to look for somewhere else.

Farhan and I say goodbye and as I went for my rickshaw one of the huge water carrier trucks races past, taking almost the whole road. I capture it approaching at speed.

If I had waited a couple of seconds I could have photographed the motorbikes, trucks and rickshaws racing in the other direction.