Saturday, February 5

YEAR:  2022 | Tags:  | | | | |

The Village, 20:20


Christine Winberg has invited us to a dinner at The Village which has now kind of opened.

We get there to discover Hari and his son Sanjay, as well as Anders and Leo and a Greek woman who may or may not call herself Sofia.

We sit and chat and then have a delicious meal in the form of a buffet. It contains calamari which I long ago decided that I didn’t like. I tried a couple and loved them, and went back for more.

I photograph the table as the food starts appearing. I ask Hari and it turns out that Sunu has done all the painting in the Village from the logo to the palm tress inside.

Christine had apparently fried them for less than a minute in extremely hot oil with the result that they don’t taste fried and they do not feel anything like the rubber bands that put me off in the first place.