Tuesday, February 1

YEAR:  2022 | Tags:  | |

Attukal Shopping Complex, 14:58


We have come to Trivandrum because Irma needs to get more supplies for the DOP team. We have started at a tiny maze–like shopping centre right next to Red Fort, which I dodn’t even know existed.

Irma slips into Shop No. 78 on an upper floor to buy zippers and I wait outside. I notice that the Archies Ice Cream Parlour inhabits shops 76 and 77. I also notice that it looks as though it closed its doors to ice cream lovers one or two years ago.

As the purchasing of zippers continues I become facinated by the fasing metal shutters and the solitary plug hanging at the end of a yellow cord.

I will remain fascinated even as we wend our way of the maze of Chalai Market, where I will find it astounding that Irma seems to know where to go and the people there seem to know her when we arrive.