Friday, January 28

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Samudra beach, 18:53


Sahan, Simi and I ran a DGD Minecraft session in the afternoon. This has turned into a proper club. The members arrive, log into the laptops, enter the world, and start building, coding, or causing mayhem. They ask for assistance as and when they need it.

Today’s question: can you lock your building or chest? Two people asked this after their house had suffered from burglars who had taken all the stuff they had gathered. Technically I think you can – kind of – but I suggested that the best solution would involve making a second secret house, a hideout, at a location known to nobody but you and then coding a one word command to take you there.

At 16:00 precisely Irma and Tangaray turned up to take me to see Udaya and Lekha. We had promised to visit them for weeks and finally we did.

Visit done we head to Samudra beach to sit in the sand outside the Oyster restaurant and drink a cold beer while the sun goes down. I manage to photograph a postcard from my seat.