Tuesday, January 18

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Vishak, 17:58


We have spent some time here getting the house together to function as we want or need. One aspect of this has involved setting up a space where we can work. Once we had identified the room what would work best, and moved things around, we decided to ask Sunu to paint the walls and then add large painted palm leaves.

Irma first met Sunu when she set up the DOP showroom at SISP. He painted a large mandala on the wall and then did other embellishments, including large wall texts. We marvelled at the speed at which he worked, and the quality of what he did.

When he had finished painting the work space he invited us to see his paintings in his house and we agreed immediately.

Today we went to see his paintings and met his wife and daughter, both of whom also work as painters. He showed us his paintings, which have an extraordinary quality while using a wide array of genres. They ranged from photo-realistic to pointillism and cubism. “This modern – cubism”, he would say as he pulled out another large oil painting.

We arrive home with a “modern” painting of Krishna which we both liked as soon as we saw it. It finds a place in the house as soon as we walk back in.