Wednesday, January 12

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Vishak, 16:21


Auo died eight years ago today and she still flows through my mind several times a day. I still think, “Oh, she would have liked that”. I don’t think that about bands or fashion or games, just about things that I feel would have made her smile. I think of her when I make up four letter word ladders for instance: things like rise > rile > file > fill > fall.

I find myself making these up increasingly frequently when I have nothing I want to do. I have also found Wordle, which I now do daily.

Irma has gone with Tangaray to buy flowers. I wander around the house and take random photographs. This one strikes me as appropriate, whatever that means in this context.

Later we will go to Sumudra beach to watch the sun go down. Only the Oyster restaurant will have opened. The one next door but one will have completely disappeared, sign and all. They will remember us and seem genuinely astonished that we have managed to return.