Friday, January 7

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SISP, Kovalam, 14:34


Today we said hello and smiled a lot.

We walked to SISP just after 11:00 in the boiling sun and arrived seeating. We said hello to Paul, Vineeth, Simi and Asha within a few minutes of arriving.

At 14:00 the DGD session starts and we say hello to the four boys (Lekshmi has stayed at home because her second vaccine had triggered reactions) and to Sahan and Anamika, who join us on Zoom.

The session has a whole host of entertaining problems from Microsoft’s recent insistence on multifactor authentification to a sudden power cut and Ajay’s laptop’s steadfast refusal to join the shared world.

I photograph the group at work just before one more member arrives.

When the session has finished Tangaray will arrive in his rickshaw to take us to a flower shop, where the man who runs it will greet both Irma and Tangaray like old friends.

On the way home we will stop at Divine Supermarket where everyone will greet everyone else more than once.