Friday, December 31

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Vishak, K S Road, 15:00


After all the fuss about PCR tests when we arrived we noticed two things. Nobody asked for the test result which remained in its sealed envelope till we got to Vishak. Nobody gave us any instructions or suggested that they would contact us.

We made a decision that our quarantine began yesterday and this therefore counts as Day 2.

We set to cleaning the house and unpacking all the stuff we had collected from Sagara. Paul arrived and shouted to us over the wall. He gave us an invaluable piece of information: not only does Divine Supermarhet now deliver to your door, it also has an online ordering system.

So that explains where our food will come from. We take a break from cleaning and tidying to make some orders: food, milk, fruit, vegetables, cleaning liquids, jugs, washing bowls, and more.

I notice the new modem that we had installed. It hangs from the wall about twenty centimetres from the front door. The phrase “very Indian” comes into my mind as I look at it.

In the evening we sit and eat and then have a couple of Aperol spritzers before going to bed and falling asleep at 22:30.

However, since Kerala has a ban on public celebrations after 21:30, nobody else will do anything much different to us. Everyone will see in the new year on their own and possibly in their dreams.