Thursday, December 30

YEAR:  2021 | Tags:  | | |

Vishak, K S Road, 14:00


Entering India proved a lengthy adventure.

We had to queue to have several people stamp “Highly Dangerous Country” on our boarding cards. We then had to queue for a new PCR test. We had two choices: the reasonably priced option, which involved waiting five hours for the result, and the wildly expensive option, in which the same test got processed in fifteen minutes.

Needless to say most people chose the fast option, to the delight of the vendors.

Vinesh had supplied a driver and car for us and we eventually got to the house, which we had never seen before. After unpacking only what we needed immediately, we found somewhere to sleep and promptly did.

When we wake up again I step out onto the balcony and photograph the other side of the road.