Monday, October 8

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Vartiokyläntie, 11:40


This morning I woke up at 7:30, had breakfast, and finished painting the bedroom. The cat kept up a running commentary because it was irritated that it is not allowed outside, and it was doubly irritated because I had forced it to have another antibiotic tablet, and it hadn’t managed to bite me during this process.

The second coat was definitely necessary, but a pain to apply because the light was not good enough for me to be certain that I had covered everywhere without pausing every few minutes to walk around and look at the walls from different angles.

After the painting was over I removed the dirty newspapers, but left all the masking tape for later. Then I showered.

Now I am by the bus stop looking at the autumn leaves. In four minutes a bus will arrive and I will go to Arcada to discover the meeting that I am there for is not a fact a meeting but a screening of a finnish documentary that nobody is particularly interested in me attending. I will attempt to solve Maija’s very obscure php problem instead, but without actually managing to do so.

At 14:00 Irma will phone from Santiago where the plane has just landed. They both sounded tired but happy. Irma said that the plane was filled with music the whole time, but they were so tired they passed out anyway.

Later, at home, I will clean the bedroom and move all the furniture back before deciding to paint one wall of the living room. The wall is brick and I will make the rash decision to paint it one brick at a time. Hours will pass.

Finally, after reading up on obscure php routines by way of advance self-protection, I will yawn and retire to bed early.