Tuesday, December 21

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Table, 14:34


I have finished talking with Sahan after the final DGD session for this year. SISP closes for Christmas and reopens in January. If all goes well they will miss one session, which would have taken place on New Year’s eve, when probably nobody would come, and then the next session will take place the week after when I have finished my quarantine and can attend in person.

They have arrived at a point where two of the club members have built their own houses just outside the village in Minecraft, and the others have half-completed theirs. They have done this in their shared world so, with a bit of luck, I will go into this world with them on January 6 and show them my secret underground village.

This will kick-start another round of coding as they scramble to get their toolboxes upgraded to do the things that I can do.

Having finished this, I decide to have one of Isän Punssipalloset, which we bought from two boys raising funds for the WB Pantterit c-pojat. (WB Pantterit play volleyball.)

We used to buy these from the girls’ schools, and from Auo’s school in particular. Nobody can stop eating them once they start. I certainly can’t.

I try to slow myself down by pausing to photograph one of them but unfortunately it only sits on the saucer for a few seconds before ending up in my mouth.