Sunday, December 19

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Varjakanvalkama, 11:37


I have walked down to the sea to see how the ducks have fared during the freezing weather.

I get down there to discover them swimming around in the warm water where the district heating water discharges into the sea. This small patch provides all winter warm water, and only freezes over in extreme weather.

As I approach some of them get out of the water and walk towards me in expectation of food. Unfortunately I have no bread with me so most of them quickly lose interest. Some carry on walking around on land looking for food, while others get back into the water.

I stand watching them for a few minutes, wishing I had remembered to bring some bread, and then head off to the left along Varjakanvalkama. Some of the ground has frozen over and will prove treacherous, while other bits remain safe.

I walk carefully.