Tuesday, December 14

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Takkahuone, 8:45


The weather has moved into the nightmare scenario where the temperature hovers around zero. Sometime the ground feels wet, sometimes it feels like an ice rink, and the change happens at unpredictable intervals.

I look out of the window after breakfast and realise that I will probably not leave the house today. The sky is still pitch black and the ground looks unpredictable, to say the least. I look at the lilies instead. When I look at the photograph later I will understand that the light, or lack thereof, did something to the camera’s perception of the scene. In my head I saw the lilies as white.

The weather will remain horrible all day and the sky will stay dark. I will record a podcast for January with Sophie and then edit this week’s podcast from Arlene and Francois. I still cannot decide whether to do a music podcast for New Year’s eve or not.

I will then finish off the day by going to Itis to pick up some items that need picking up.

That will feel like a release in itself. I tell myself that at least quarantining in India will take place in the sunshine.