Monday, December 13

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Arcada, 12:34


I return to Arcada for several meetings, which I have cunningly jammed into one single time-slot. Some of them happen as planned and some of them don’t.

I pause at one point to photograph the new staffroom with its much-increased space and much-decreased facilities. It now plays its part on “active working”. Tomas explains that he likes this and tries to sit in a different room every day. He also tells me that some others don’t like it because they can never find him.

I discuss the outcome of Friday’s presentations, and then Tomas, Miro and I go to Momo and More for lunch, where the card reader refuses to read cards. I leave remarkably full, even though I seemingly had very little.

I spend the last ninety minutes at Arcada trying to get my laptop to print. The news that Fred and half the people in the department cannot get their laptops to print does not fill me with cheer. If I understand correctly, and I may well not, this all has something to do with replacing the cabled ethernet network with a complete reliance on Eduroam.

Eduroam does not always like the idea of printing, or even of showing you what printers you might consider using.

Since my day started with my HSL app refusing to work, which it has done on previous occasions, sometimes eliciting an apology from HSL, and continued with my door key malfunctioning, I will declare today a Bad Tech day and hurry home as soon as I can, vowing never to leave the house again.