Tuesday, December 7

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Riskutie, 13:11


What a day!

I did some writing in the morning and then stopped for a VAKEN planning meeting with Christa, Elena and Micke. We talked about the possibility of applying for EU funding. Almost as soon as that meeting finished (on Zoom of course) I went into another one with Frédéric Jacquemin from Fondation Hicter.

I have not spoken with Frederic for over ten years and we spoke at length about the possibility of working together on the VAKEN European project, if such a thing comes to pass. We decided that the best way to proceed would involve me spending to or three days in Brussels in late February in meetings with Frédéric and the heads of two other organisations that he knows.

Then I felt the need to go for a walk: for the walk that looked far too cold to take after breakfast. I walked to the bin to dump our paper rubbish and then turned right and doubled back along Riskutie.

As I walk I get overtaken by a pedestrian in bright yellow who bolts into the distance at superhuman speed. I manage to take a photograph of a receding back before the street returns to silence once more.

I will finish the afternoon with a call to Scott in Lubbock with whom I will talk about everything but Buddy Holly.