Friday, October 5

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Hameentie, 9:15


This morning I woke from a deep sleep at 6:45 just in time to hear the alarm go off. I had not woken once in the night. Auo and I had breakfast and left.

I have been creating backups for an hour and now I have gone downstairs to look at the autumn leaves falling. The sky is dark and it is beginning to rain.

There will be very few students in class this morning in CMS, so Maija and I will cover much more, and at much greater speed, than I had intended. She, at least, will leave for lunch understanding the WordPress loop!

The other students present are not Online Media students and thus have to work harder to keep up to speed. I will run a session in which I switch from dealing with Maija’s inquiries, and trying to answer their problems. By the end everyone will have achieved almost all they could have expected, and I will have explained about BuddyPress, which we will look at next week.

In the afternoon I will complete my backups, create another WordPress demo site, answer some mail, and explore the ways in which I can get invoices into Evernote using email. This is so simple that I will curse myself for not having done it for the past two years.

Finally, at 16:35 I will leave for home and a weekend which will be dominated by preparations for Irma and Auo’s departure on Sunday. As I leave the sky will darken so much that it could be midnight, and the wind will drop ominously.