Wednesday, November 24

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Work room, 13:13


My cold remains contentedly place and I spend the night tossing and turning, waking up almost exactly every two hours. At four o’clock it takes me approximately two hours to get to sleep again, by which time I have to wake up once more to fulfil my commitment to waking up every two hours.

I get up confused and exhausted to spend the morning with Elli and Sahan in Minecraft and on Zoom. Minecraft Education has just had a major update: one so big that they have named it the G.O.A.T update. Elli says it combines 2 or more years of Bedrock updates in one big package.

As I sit down later, after another trip to blow my nose and gargle, I noticed the Lindt bear. He has there since last Saturday when Irma and I celebrated our anniversary by giving each other advent calendars and other adult gifts.

The bear came with a side order of Kit Kat Santas, which contained crushed biscuit among the chocolate, making them a kind of Santa-shaped deconstructed Kit Kat.

Ho ho ho, I say.