Tuesday, November 23

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Driveway, 15:52


On Monday I received a message on Signal I had wanted to receive for some time: the DGD club meetings will start again on Thursday. That jogged me out of my rhinovirus slump and got me going.

I worked hard yesterday to get some of the things I intended to do today finished. Today I concentrated on Minecraft, connectivity, lesson plans, pedagogy, and things of that nature.

I looked out of the window at 11:00 to find thick snow falling.

By the time I finish what I intend to do for today the sun has waved goodbye and the sky has darkened. I decide to dress up warmly and hurry to the postbox to check our post. We rarely get any, and even more rarely get any that we actually want, but we keep up the pretence that we might.

We don’t.

Snow still lies on the road and driveway, although it does not look like much anymore. I stop on the way back to photograph some just so that I can say that, once again, I documented the first snow of winter.