Monday, November 22

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Hansasilta, 17:12


We have left home to get a pair of shoes repaired and some knives sharpened. We have come to the row of shops that span Hansasilta, the bridge across the highway between Itis and Easton. We have walked right up to the shop where we usually get these sort of things done, and discovered that it has turned into a clothes shop.

We look around and notice that a lot of the shops have changed. We have seen this happening slowly over the last couple of years, but the last bunch of changes seem to have happened quickly.

I turn around and notice that the restaurant that has operated on the other side for as long as I can remember has gone and a new one stands in its place. Shocked, I take a photograph. It will stand as evidence when this one has gone and something new has taken its place.

Fortunately Irma thinks that a suutari has opened in Easton so we walk there and eventually find it, hiding behind the sushi restaurant has has the moving train running round it.

Later I will remember that suutari means cobbler in English.