Wednesday, October 3

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Hameentie, 16:45


This morning I taught CMS, which confusingly is studying the WordPress loop at the same time as yesterday’s Advanced Web Apps course. Today we dug deeper into it, and started messing with the php.

In the afternoon I carried on with the idea that I had had yesterday concerning the world in OpenSim. I began modelling a test world and I think it is working.

Now I am on my way home. The weather is overcast but not raining. I have realised that the trips to London, and the delays in having one of them refunded, have caused havoc with my finances. Later in the evening Irma will realise this too and the happiness will drain from the room.

I will remember that I decided to get back into comic collecting one year ago when DC relaunched their universe, and decide that last month’s zero issues constitute a good place to draw the experiment to a close. The temptation to buy just one more “because they are only 1.59” has proved much too tempting. It is now time to step back and see what happens when I purchase nothing at all from iTunes for a year.

Having stopped long ago in being interested in gathering material things around me, today is the day I decided that I was no longer interested in gathering digital things around me. My library is big enough. I have purchased enough to read, watch and listen to for the rest of the year and for 2012. This completes the process that I began when I unsubscribed to E-music at the start of the year.

My hobbies for the foreseeable future will be re-reading and writing, re-listening and playing. I will dedicate my life to recycling bits!