Thursday, November 18

YEAR:  2021 | Tags:  | | |

Workroom, 12:34


This morning we applied for visa to visit India again. We have not walked along Lighthouse Beach for almost two years and now, finally, the opportunity has arisen again. Tourists can enter the country from November 15th, although flights to India will not recommence until November 30th.

And then only some; and then with restrictions.

We think we understand the current regulations and we have taken to scanning the Indian and international media for updates on a daily basis. If we can do it then we will, and getting some visas moves us some way along the path.

After this, finding ourselves out in the world, we did the only thing possible: we drove to the secret Finnair kitchen shop and bought some secret Finnair meals. I have opened mine: a vegan meal containing, and I quote, a potato boat with quinoa.

I like it.