Wednesday, November 17

YEAR:  2021 | Tags:  | |

Kiviportintie, 8:37


I leave the house for a walk in the dark and realise that I have a cold coming on. Fortunately I have my full winter outfit on and so I continue, pausing only to put my gloves on.

Not that anyone actually needs this level of detail.

I walk past the two houses that never seem to get much nearer completion. I notice that the names of the intended occupiers have now disappeared from the boards outside. I also notice that glass has appeared in various window holes, and temporary doors have arrived too. I assume that someone intends this to stop the inside of the house getting exposed to a second winter.

I takes a left turn and end up at the end of Kiviportintie, where it joins Riskutie. I turn onto the small path that leads up to the children’s playground and see yet another of the bikes that appear and disappear.

I first saw this one yesterday. It hasn’t moved since then. I ponder on whether this has become a local sport among teenagers: hiding each other’s bikes in woods and along paths.