Monday, February 13

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Home, 21:30

Today was almost all meetings, except for the three hours I spent finally setting up an online version of Snowcastle Valley on the Arcada server. Everything worked so smoothly that I was able to attend an extra meeting.

This evening I arrived home with 27 sachets of Pirkka catfood, which amounted to all that they had in stock. The cats love it.

We are beginning to suspect that we might have been wrong about the new cat, now officially known as Sunshine. It appeared to be totally inert, moving reluctantly from where it was sleeping to the foodbowl and back again. We now think that this may have been merely a stress reaction to having lived outside and then being given a home. Here it is lying down on the bed, but earlier it was seen running the length of the house, something that we were not even certain that it was capable of.

More surprises may still await us when the snow clears and spring arrives.