Sunday, November 7

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Star Metro, 11:37


Almost every day, after breakfast, we go up to the second floor from our room (107 on the first floor) and spend a couple of hours around the open air pool.

If nothing else we will return to Finland vaguely tanned.

Planes pass overhead regularly but I have photographed them on previous visits. Birds land at the edge of the pool and drink from it, but not photogenically. Someone drops a lifebelt in the water, and I jump up to photograph that.

I finish reading a book I grabbed from the secondhand bookshop near Forum last time I passed by. (Actually I passed by partly to see if the bookshop had survived the pandemic intact. It had.) The book: Quite Ugly One Morning by Christopher Brookmyre.

I knew nothing about it except what I learned from the reviews on the back cover and the opening paragraph. It proved a lucky purchase and ideal holiday reading. It has a very funny comic brutality and introduces Jack Parlabane, a freelance journalist based in Edinburgh. He will, of course, come to star in a never-ending series of novels (21 and rising).

The one I need to find next in a secondhand bookshop somewhere soon constitutes the second installment: Country of the Blind.