Friday, October 29


Finnair headquarters, 11:35


We have driven to the Finnair headquarters which someone has hidden in the mazes that surround Helsinki-Vantaa airport. It takes a few moments to find but we manage.

We both need to have PCR tests before we can travel anywhere and Finnair has the fastest and cheapest in town. Well, strictly speaking, they may not have the fastest, and they may not have the quickest, but if you require both of these, then they clearly win the prize.

When we get there we discover that Finnair’s shop opens from Monday to Thursday and it has masses of bargains, drawn presumably from the merchandise they could not sell during the pandemic. We notice that we have come on a Friday and vow to come back again some day soon.

I wait outside the building at some point in this fun and while I wait I wander over the road and photograph the flags that fly in the wind. I noticed them because of the characteristic flagpole-in-wind noise they made, not because I chanced to look up.