Thursday, October 21

YEAR:  2021 | Tags:  | |

Prisma, 17:35


Since its redesign Prisma has had three sorts of shopping trolleys that I refer to as traditional, sports, and urban. The urban trolleys have matt plastic bodies and manoeuvre really well in very confined spaces. You can spin them on the spot if you have a mind to, and I usually do.

Only a very few of the urban trolleys have red tops and I suspect that a small sub-group, unknown to each other, prize these above all other shopping trolleys. Certainly I do and seek them out whenever I can. This might mean, of course, that this alleged sub-group consists solely of me. But the movement of the red-topped trolleys around the various parking spaces suggests not.

I find this one and celebrate with a few expertly executed spins before someone rushes in to grab it.