Monday, October 18

YEAR:  2021 | Tags:  | | |

Linnanherrantie, 9:03


The weather has got very cold and while I walk through the woods I become increasingly aware of the advantage of wearing thicker winter jackets. I become aware of this because I notice I have put a thinner autumn jacket on.

Gloves, I think, might also prove beneficial.

I walk down Linnanherrantie and just as I prepare to turn left into Riskutie I look ahead and see a car parked at an odd angle at a place where one might not expect to find a car parked at any angle. I decide to keep walking to see what I can see.

I come across a car that invites solving like a puzzle in a magazine. It has had its number plates removed. The rear window has had the glass completely smashed. The front window looks as though someone has shot at it. The front wheel on the right has suffered damage in a collision, as has the front wing. And, on the driver’s side, the mirror and door have remnents of police crime-scene tape hanging from them.

Did someone drive it here? Or tow it? Did someone abandon it here after crashing into something?

I notice two cars slowing down as I stand there photographing it. I have no idea whether they have decided to drive cautiously or if they have an interest in my interest in the car.

I walk off into the woods.