Sunday, October 17

YEAR:  2021 | Tags:  | | |

Varjakanvalkama, 10:57


Today needs some Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, and so I walk down to the sea with Souvenirs accompanying me. I have always liked them, ever since I first heard their first single Electricity, which also features as the first track on Souvenirs which, as you can guess offers a neatly named compilation of hits and live tracks: an album of each.

I have not heard Dazzle Ships for years; not since the eighties when I owned the vinyl album. I want to hear it but the library only has a copy on vinyl and I no longer have a record player.

This does not make me wish I subscribed to Spotify.

I reach the sea to find three large birds swimming languidly in an inlet. They seem completely indifferent to my approach and take no notice whatever I do or wherever I go. I do not actually go very far because the ground has a wet and soggy feel and I expect to sink up to my ankles in mud if I venture further away from the path and towards the sea.