Wednesday, October 13

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Stoa, 20:21


I went to Arcada for a meeting and then to Pixelache to do some network tests with Elli. We test joining each other’s Minecraft worlds and (on the second go) it works both ways. We need to feel certain about this before we go live with Season 3 of DGD in Kerala.

At 16:40 I get the metro at Kalasatama to finish the day by going to Stoa for the opening of the new restaurant. The previous restaurant closed during the pandemic as the number of customers coming for lunch dwindled to zero.

The opening proves much more interesting than either of us had expected. The new restaurant will have Jyrki Tsutsunen at its helm and as we arrived he wandered around handing out small starters consisting of ants in a honey marinade to be sucked off polished sticks. Irma will learn later that he collected the ants himself by pushing his arm into anthills in the summer and then brushing the ants off into a big jar lined with oil, before freezing them.

Apparently he has a fanatical love of forest life and the subsequent starters will feature bark made edible, various wild leaves and plants, along with wild elk and fish. He has named the restaurant Skotta which I learn means forest in Helsinki slang.

Later Rosita Luu, from the band Hullu Ruusu, will perform a pretty extraordinary acoustic set, while people stand around drinking sambucha made with wild berries, or lager or wine if you feel less adventurous or more in need of alcohol.

Personally I opt for the cloudberry sambucha.