Tuesday, October 12

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Linnanherrentie, 8:57


I left for a walk under a gray sky and, ten minutes later, walked rapidly back again in a state of increasing wetness: from mere drizzle to heavy rain in three minutes.

Just before I start getting wet I notice a leaf straddling a line in the road. It has the orange red colours of Finnish autumn contrasting with the monochrome of the road and sky.

I spend a day shuffling things round, or so it feels. I set up this week’s podcast which consists of a very interesting (and very long) conversation between Arlene and Gary Stewart, who I have not had contact with for twenty years or more. He emails me and I promise myself that I will email him back.

I agree to attend a meeting tomorrow at Arcada, where a kerfuffle has begun about reconfigurations and redundancies. I also arrange another Minecraft test and decide to do some work at Pixelache tomorrow afternoon.

I continue reading The Revolution will not be Funded which I find exhilarating and depressing in equal measure. I certainly find it useful, and it has served as an inspirational reminder to up the ante on my forthcoming book.

Finally I speak on the phone with Jean-Pierre Deru for the first time in twenty years, courtesy of Maria Bäck. Let’s see what, if anything, comes out of that!