Saturday, October 9


Didrichsen Museum, 14:00


We both received Museokortti as gifts and we have used them with gusto. They have proved very good for pushing us to attend events we might not ordinarily attend. We attended an exhibition at the Didrichsen Museum, for example, where I saw one of Björn Weckström’s sculptures outside, and then noticed they had a forthcoming exhibition of his own.

Today we have returned to look at that very exhibition: Man, Machine & Jewellry. We learn that “Björn Weckström’s 85th anniversary exhibition presents the artist´s two contrasting worlds – impressive sculptures in bronze with mythological themes, artifacts in stone and glass, as well as jewellery in gold and silver produced for Lapponia Jewelry”.

The big gold statues interest us less than his glass work which includes glass Stonehenge pieces, glass robots, and abstract glass and bronze-plated shapes suspended in resin.

I photograph a suspended shape in the basement produced in 1971 and called Falling Drop. I then stand and watch an interview with him, in which he seems charmingly roguish and studiedly dismissive of the fact that his jewellery featured heavily in the first Star Wars movie.

“I met George Lucas. I didn’t know who he was…”