Friday, October 8

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Vartiokyläntie, 10:17


No breakfast today. Instead I leaped out of bed, washed, brushed my teeth even more carefully and thoroughly than usual, and headed out of the door towards the bus stop.

Yesterday I bought a daily bus ticket and then used it all day: to go to Arcada, the cinema, home again in between, and more. Towards the end I noticed that the ticket lasts 24 hours, and so I continue to use it on the bus to Itäkeskus.

I have a 45 minute appointment and by the end my teeth positively sparkle with renovated goodness. Since the rain has not come and my bust ticket has finally expired, I walk through Itis, making a decision to walk all the way home.

As I approach the ABC gas station I notice a man filling his car with gas. A normal occurrence, you might think. I, however, take out my phone and photograph him, just in case he has accidentally taken the wrong blend.

I will never know, of course, because I have walked past long before he has finished with the pump. I will pass the car wash which still seems to have weeks of work ahead of it and then get home to sit down to write this.

Later we will declare the weekend open early.