Monday, October 4

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Finnkino, Itis, 16:15


Irma had some film tickets that expire at the end of this week. Two weeks ago she remembered them and tried to book something for tonight. She managed, but not quite in the way we imagined.

We have arrived at Finnkino in Itis. The cinema has a lot of different screens – nine including an Imax screen – and last week all of them started showing the new James Bond film as part of its determinedly vast global post-pandemic opening.

Guess what we will see shortly!

I will notice several things during No Time to Die and this image neatly captures one of them. Daniel Craig does an awful lot of acting with his arms. They adopt wildly different postures to indicate a whole spectrum of emotions while he cuts back on his facial movements so that they mostly move between sceptical and vaguely irritated.

Once I notice this I cannot stop noticing it.

The film will last almost three hours and by the end I will feel more like I have binge-watched a series on Netflix than sat through one single movie. During its three hours the movie has locations and plot points that occur in distinctly separate sections that each feel like an episode. Each section finishes with a surprise or a twist so that I half-expect the credits to start rolling.

Anyone given the job of cutting the film down into five episodes could do it easily, and I feel certain that they could look round the cutting room floor and find the few pieces of unused footage needed to bring each episode up to 50 minutes in length.

Oh, and spoiler alert: James Bond dies at the end of it.