Friday, September 28

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Sörnäinen metro station, 17:00


In the morning I led the CMS course, which was on the second day of its mini-project: making a WordPress-based site based on the Mister Helsinki website, which is the site of a restaurant in Wisconsin that I came across by accident a week or so ago. So far they have made the categories and the category-based menus. Next week they will be making a static page with multiple loops to provide the Dinner Menu page. In theory they are supposed to do this in a way that looks almost identical to the current site. Most people have been more or less managing this.

In the afternoon I had a meeting with Tore and Filip in which I proposed a way of inserting myself into a pedagogical project, to their great delight. I raced back afterwards to begin writing up notes and email conversations ensued between Tore, Camilla and me. If this project comes to fruition I will be very happy.

Now I am on my way home. The itinerant Russian string quartet has been here for the last couple of days and here they are again.

At home I will leap into the car and race to Prisma, after which we will start the weekend.