Friday, October 1

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Krýsuvík, 10:26


Today we had agreed that Hafdis and Vera would show us the wonders of Iceland, or some of them. In practice this meant that Vera rented a big car and we drove around a series of places that they knew, or knew of.

We start with an area, Krýsuvík, where small amounts of steam spurt out of the ground, and the mud bubbles. We walk around and take photographs. I take this one.

The steam from the volcano smells of rotten eggs because of the sulphur in it. This walk has a high aromatic content.

This will look and feel good but the sites will get more spectacular as the day rolls on. My favourite part will feature a visually arresting set of hot springs that spew clouds of steam into the air, which the wind then blows across the ground as clouds. We will walk through this and somehow I will not make the connection in advance that steam consists of vaporised water. I will walk through the steam cloud and, to my great surprise, emerge the other side absolutely soaking wet.

Fortunately the relentless wind will ensure that I will have become bone dry ten minutes later.