Tuesday, September 28

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13th Floor, Grand Hotel, 13:08


Today I breakfasted early, at 7:30, but still not early enough to avoid the crowds. I did, however, find it easier to find a seat: in fact I found one next to Christa, Micke and Maira.

The first day of our VAKEN event started at 9:00 and ended shortly after 17:00. We had most people in the room, but some people in Zoom. This guaranteed exactly the kind of fun one might expect this to guarantee.

At 12:00 we went downstairs for lunch and at 12:50 we returned to the thirteenth floor – the floor that dare not speak its name. Officially the hotel calls it Floor P.

Back in the conference room I open the window and step out onto the balcony. Snow has started to fall and the wind threatens to blow me off my feet. I take a photograph and go back inside.

If you look carefully you can see the grey sea in the distance just below the grey horizon.

By 17:00 most people have passed out and I feel ready to slip into the bath. I opt instead to settle down and start preparing for tomorrow’s session which, I learned recently, I will lead.

Outside the snow will stop in time for us to take a twenty minute walk to a restaurant called Reykjavik Kitchen.