Thursday, September 23

YEAR:  2021 | Tags:  | | | | |

Linnavuorentie, 8:52


I left the house under a sky that looked as though it would start raining any minute. I walked and planned and listened. Today I listened to birds until I started to listen to Haiku Salut, whose music I discovered over the summer. Their new album The Hill, The Light, The Ghost starts with birdsong and moves into a very interesting mix of found sounds, guitars, pianos, and electronics.

I notice leaves on the ground, partly because the ground contains nothing but leaves in some parts. I decide to take just one photograph today, a photograph of leaves, and use that. I therefore find myself standing at various points looking down and wondering if this bit of ground constitutes the best bit of ground that I will find.

Eventually I will find this neat arrangement of leaves, and I will photograph it without making any adjustments to it at all. Obviously I photograph it at this angle and that might count as an adjustment. I do not move the leaves though.

I will spend much of the day having a conversation with Dave Morley, at the end of which we will record an episode for a new podcast that we will launch in the first week of November.

Guiding Dave through the process of sending me the file using WeTransfer will prove an exciting challenge. By early evening I will still not know if my efforts proved successful.