Wednesday, September 22

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Near the sea, 8:45


I stride off after breakfast for a walk. I listen to ambient music for a change and think over the top of it.

I walk down to the sea and decide to turn left. This takes me to the signpost and the secret exercise machines. I pause, as I always do when I pass this way, and do ten lifts on the lightest plank, followed by ten lifts on the middle plank.

A woman with a dog waits behind me for her turn.

Looking at the signpost I wonder how to describe my current location. I don’t believe the path has a name, other then something like “in the woods near the sea”.

I will spend the morning preparing for the future. I will have a meeting with Sahan planning the return of DGD in late October. I will have a meeting with Micke about the VAKEN trip to Reykjavik next week, which will require me to book a corona test to supplement the record of my vaccinations. I will have the final meeting of Team 10 before we meet in person next Tuesday.

Finally I will attend the first seminar this year for my continuing doctorate.