Sunday, September 19

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Risktie, 11:00


Out walking in the freezing cold, I listen to Help Yourself.

A couple of days ago I thought about the band as I fell asleep and the next day I discovered that Esoteric have just released a boxset of their (more or less) entire recorded output, including 5, the final album released thirty years after they started it, and Malcolm Morley’s solo album Lost and Found. I contemplate the possibility that I have become linked to Help Yourself by some sort of cosmic telephony.

I wonder if other people got a better deal: perhaps some people have a cosmic link to Loretta Lynn, for example.

While thinking this I walk down Riskutie and see the stand for city bikes overflowing with yellow cycles. It looks as though a rally ended at Alepa late last night and everyone dropped their bikes and ran into the shop for beer and doughnuts.

I stand taking a photograph and an old man approaches and begins muttering to me. “Se ei ole oikein. Se on väärin,” he mutters, pointed at the bikes and shaking his head. I begin to think that he thinks that I intend to photograph the evidence and complain to somebody.

I smile and attempt conversation. Realising that he has begun a conversation with the village idiot, he offers a vaguely worried smile and leaves.