Friday, September 10

YEAR:  2021 | Tags:  | | |

Vartiokyläntie, 13:36


I have decided to walk home from a trip to the dentist in Itis and as I walk towards Alepa I pass the building works that started a month or so ago.

Someone has decided that a carwash would make a good addition to the neighbourhood. They have bought or rented a large patch of unused land, previously used as a dump or an informal carpark. They have cleared it and built a very large structure that seems capable of washing three vehicles at once.

I have watched this with puzzlement. Where will the customers come from? At one end Itis has a carwash. Further down the main road the Teboil gas station has a car wash. Vartiokyläntie has relatively little passing traffic and I have seen precisely no local people washing their car with a bucket of warm water while loudly wishing someone would build a carwash somewhere nearby.

I can think of only three possibilites. Firstly they have a new, mind-boggling method of washing cars which will send people rushing from the existing venue to here. Secondly, they have a wild sense of optimism and will go out of business within a year. Thirdly, they have some other more lucrative plan that does not, in the end, rely on washing cars.

I have proved wrong in the past about these kind of things, so I will wait with some interest to see how this plays out.