Sunday, September 5

YEAR:  2021 | Tags:  | | |

Third floor, ViaCatarina, 13:21


Waking up this morning we quickly understood that we might have approached our port tasting yesterday with a little too much enthusiasm. The temperature had risen to 28˚ and we agreed that today we would take it very easy.

In the afternoon we walk down the shopping street where half the shops have closed for the day, and turn into a small mall, housed in a traditional building and called ViaCatarina. We take the lift to the top and work our way down. We notice that empty stores house artworks of one sort or another. I photograph this installation on the third floor.

The caption says that the ”artist Paulo Ramunni reinterprets his artistic installation The Road Less Traveled, winner of the 5th VIArtes Competition, which was exhibited on the facade of the ViaCatarina Shopping between 2019 and 2021”.

According to the sculptor the ”characters” walk on the floor ”looking for themselves in a journey that passes through the different genders, ages, and conditions of the human being, on their road between childhood and old age”.