Saturday, August 28

YEAR:  2021 | Tags:  | |

View from the apartment, 10:15


We have a very nice and very well furnished apartment in a very interesting and narrow street, with a wild variety of bars, cafés, restaurants and shops. The buildings, all very tall and thin, join each other in a collage-like fit. Some have just had renovations, some await renovation, and some have other things on their minds entirely.

We notice that several seagulls appear to live on the roof opposite us. We also notice that the roofs have few if any straight lines and seem to have grown into each other. I stand on the balcony and photograph the roof of the building opposite.

We will spend the day wandering around the centre of the city and the evening making an ill-advised attempt to eat a Francesinho Santiago each at Santiago da Praça, a short walk from the apartment. Neither of us will manage to clear our plates.

Both of us will, however, manage to walk home unaided.