Friday, August 20

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Sotungintie 4 Vantaa, 15:43


Irma had a mystery outing in mind and so after we had finished work for the day we set off to go somewhere.

We ended up in a very rural part of Vantaa where we eventually found the home museum of Laila Pullinen, whom Wikipedia describes as the “Finnish artist and sculptor. Her work exemplifies modernism, in particular classical modernism in sculpture. She was one of the few Finnish women artists to achieve international recognition”.

The museum seemed extraordinary. It consisted of a small shed, a studio, and part of her home (the other part still having occupants), all of which sat in a garden filled with sculptures. The shed-like building contained a load of smaller sculptures rammed together in no apparent order; or at least no order apparent to us.

I loved most of the sculptures, and I would not describe all of them as modernist. Some seemed to have a hidden purpose. The figure in the front of the photograph above, for example, has one of his eyes ripped out with black blood making this obvious. Perhaps that explains the title of the sculpture: the Arizonian.