Wednesday, August 18

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Yrjönkatu, 15:57


The cold, the rain and the wind signalled that summer had gone into early requirement. I left the house underdressed for this surprise and got the bus and metro and tram to Arcada, where I met Micke and Elena for a Vaken planning meeting.

We began by walking to Momo and More for lunch, and afterwards Christa joined us via Zoom. She intended to come but her youngest son began a five-day isolation yesterday, because someone in his class tested positive for covid-19, and she has to join the quarantine too.

We plan vigorously for a couple of hours and then I leave for Pixelache. I decide to walk which proves a mistake as the rain and the wind both get stronger the further I get from Arcada. I walk and find myself thinking about a woman I saw yesterday walking into Forum with her children, after I attended the lecture at Bio Rex. She had the kind of umbrella that would benefit me right now.

I have a small, foldable one that fits in a pocket and threatens to turn inside out to such an extent that I put it away at one point in an effort to save it.