Monday, August 9

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Garden, 11:22


Today I started my new, post-summer routine and I will admit that I did this with some trepidation. I have no teaching to plan and no staff meetings to attend, and as much time as I want to write as much as I want. Which might easily turn into not writing anything at all.

I spent the first part of the morning planning, with outcomes that pleased me but might not mean anything at all to anyone else. I assigned focus areas to each day, knowing events will distort them, but thinking that some structure feels better than none.

I also decided to have regular physical breaks.

I started my first break two minutes ago and now I have the ladder and some shears. I prune the little tree in front of the shed so that it doesn’t keep growing upwards. Then I cut out the attempts at creating new trunks at the bottom.

Then I photograph the trunk against the shed and go back inside and do something else.