Wednesday, August 4

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Matisa iela, 13:31


We took a Bolt to Mr Page where we chatted for forty minutes or so to the woman there: the same woman we chatted to the last time we visited. We bought some cards and a book.

We walked down to the end of Miera iela and over the main road, and then turned down Matisa iela. We see a small market and walk in. The market occupies a few stalls with a meat market in a building behind. The whole thing looks like a carefully posed period photograph, with the soviet era apartments in the distance behind.

We buy some of the least edible berries we have ever come across Supposedly we have bought blackberries. We walk down the street seeing who can keep one in their mouth the longest.

We will spend the rest of the afternoon walking down Tērbatas iela, stopping every now and then, and ending up having a meal at Kolonade, looking over the park at the Opera House.