Sunday, July 25

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Söderby, 13:42


Today, hardly announced in public at all, Söderby has one of its bydagar. We decide to go and see what we can see.

Erika’s shop has a mass of Mummin goods available: from fridge magnets to t-shirts and covid masks. We can see very few books though.

The main excitement in the village comes from Gerda’s garden where people queue up to pay 7€ for her cake buffet. No surprise here: Gerda makes wonderful cakes.

Unfortunately we made an absurdly large meal yesterday evening and cannot fit anything else in so, reluctantly, we walk on by. I stop to photograph the queue though.

We will meet Annika for the first time this summer and she and her boyfriend will stand and chat for ages. This will mark the first time that we have seen them this summer.